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Every now and then you might come across a spectacular person whose profession genuinely compliments their life completely; putting into practice all of their gifts, passions, and life of experiences to the service of others. It is a rare find, I know. But, we all know them when we see them.

Having seen him, experienced his gift, and challenged his experience over the past few years, let me share with you this: Jeff Crane is one of these people. You will find out what a gift he might be for you as he has been for me and many others.

Justin Rohner
Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur


The birth of Concept to Creation

Several years ago I assisted a couple through an exciting transition. My clients wanted to move from their home of 30 years, and build a custom home out of state. Their desire was to be closer to family and grandchildren. They did not know where to start. They were scared and overwhelmed. They were missing the fun and creative excitement associated with the process ahead of them.

I helped them to experience this creative excitement. We traveled to their new location and selected an ideal piece of land to build on. We laid out the position of the house on the land. We worked together to sketch out a basic floor plan. To save money, we delivered the floor plan to a local draftsman who developed the exterior elevation and a set of construction plans. During construction, I was available for any questions, walk-throughs and concerns they had.

Concept to Creation was born.  

Our purpose is to put fun, self-discovery, and confidence into the process of identifying one’s unique dreams and desires, locating the perfect place to live, and building the home that is perfect for each individual client.

Without stress and fear of the unknown, anything is possible. Imagine how the dream may look for you and your family. Call or email me, I look forward to talking.

Jeff Crane
(480) 313-9696

“Jeff has always produced astounding results in a timely and effective manner in assisting his colleagues, business partners, and friends. I would trust and recommend him with any job or challenge.”

— Jared Brooks