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A Life Less Cluttered

July 20th, 2009, Dream, Location, Home, Organization, Tips & Useful Info.

A Life Less Cluttered

In a recent article about a mom who was trying to organize her kids’ stuff, a friend proclaimed, “I feel that if you’re organized, you are a better person.” This statement may sound a bit smug and somewhat self-righteous. After having worked on many organization projects myself, I see truth in this comment. 

How does getting organized help you to become a better person? Maria Garcia of Get Organized Now! gives 10 little-known benefits of becoming organized: 

  1. more time to relax
  2. more time for yourself
  3. more time for your loved ones
  4. a good feeling about your environment
  5. a better role model
  6. a healthier lifestyle
  7. ability to breathe better
  8. ability to do better professionally
  9. save more money
  10. achieve more 

Any efforts you make to improve your living space will reap great rewards. Think about the life you have envisioned for yourself. How much of that life are you living now? There are so many good things that you can spend your life doing and being instead of constantly wading through piles of magazines, swimming through kid’s toys and papers or drowning in excess stuff you don’t really need. 

Decide to begin today to improve one space in your home. If you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to begin, start in your master bedroom. Give yourself a clean space to retire to at night and awaken to in the morning.   

You will find that a transformation will take place in your life by taking charge of your stuff instead of letting it control you. 


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