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I like what I see on your website, what is the next step in working with you?

After reviewing the site you may have additional questions and I welcome the opportunity to answer them. You can reach me at (480) 313-9696, or email

Note: Please also be aware that in order to maintain the highest levels of personal service I am committed to providing; I very purposefully manage my client load. If you think this might be a service you’d be interested in using in the next 12-24 months, I encourage you to let me know now.

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How much does your service cost?

For consulting services, my fee structure can be customized to fit your particular situation. The options include an hourly rate, a monthly retainer based upon time, project size, and duration, or a fixed-rate fee.

As you can imagine, each project is unique and requires our discussing your particular desires and expectations. For an individualized fee assessment I would be happy to discuss this further by phone or email. Just let me know.

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Is your “client-rep” consulting fee adjusted based upon project value or budget?


This fee will be determined once the land has been purchased, and we have determined the total project build-out cost. 

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How much may it cost us if we do not use your services?

I will touch on just a couple of examples:

Choosing the wrong place to build or settle down can incur tens of thousands of dollars in costs associated with the selling of the home or land such as real estate agent fees, potential depreciation of property purchased, lost months or years of productive living, interest payments on loans incurred, not to mention costs associated to start the process over again and look for the “right place,” which can easily reach $40,000 dollars and more just for the real estate and moving van fees.

I have heard many stories from people who have spent several years looking, testing out, and living in areas they thought were right for them, only to discover they were once again back on the road looking for a better place. Let’s find your ideal base of operations; from there you can travel the world for fun.

Another aspect is choosing the right builder. I have heard the horror stories of families who have entrusted a home builder with their life savings only to find that the builder went out of business and disappeared, taking with him the families, deposits, down payments or construction loan draws.

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Why haven’t I heard of this “client-rep” service before?

This type of service has traditionally been reserved for the commercial construction elite. In commercial construction, there are firms dedicated solely to the project owner, assisting them in every aspect of the design, build and management of the construction project. They are usually referred to as “owner reps.”

Up to now, no one has cared enough to bring this same level of service to residential construction, particularly, the individual private home building customer. This is my passion and purpose, to make this experience fun, enjoyable and rewarding for each of my clients. I want to serve you, for you.

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What range of home building budgets will you work with?

I have no minimum or maximum range.

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Once I hire you, how often will we meet?

This will vary with every client. The process is custom fit to you and isn’t scripted on a project timeline. We will allow your dream to map our future schedule. In addition to email and telephone conversations, we will meet face-to-face for the Dream Location Assessment Questionnaire, results and discussion meeting, the development of your floor plan, and a pre-determined number of site visits during your homes construction depending on location and travel constraints. You may also want to come along with me as I interview and investigate your potential Construction Dream Team. Once again, it all depends on you.

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Do you handle the construction and project management during the construction phase?

I do not build the home, or manage the day-to-day construction process. This is handled by the professional team we put together for you. This team will include a competent builder who will manage every aspect of your homes growth from survey staking of the foundation to handing you the keys when complete. I will act as your advisor during this stage. I will be available for site visits at pre-determined stages of construction to answer any questions you may have and offer tips and suggestions to you and your builder.

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I have heard that building a custom home can drive families apart, how is your process different?

My process is the antithesis of this notion. Many times dissention and difficulty result from fear of the unknown, the stress of indecision, and the lack of communication usually associated with a project as vast and all encompassing as the construction of a dream home or relocation to an ideal town. With me, you will be empowered with information, confidence, and most of all fun and excitement as you create your dream.

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Can I use you for just one or two of the phases?

Yes, only if we determine that this would be the best option for you.

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We have already purchased the land and we know we want to build on it, can we skip phase one?

Instead of skipping Phase One, we will conduct a brief review of the Dream Location Assessment Questionnaire topics to confirm you are, in fact, building in your ideal location. If we determine all is well, we will proceed to Phase Two, however, we may determine that there are items and issues that may have not previously been thought of. In cases such as these, you may end up selling your parcel and find your dream somewhere new. We will determine this together.


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When is the right time to start working with you?

When you are seriously looking to build your dream house and/or find that ideal location anywhere in the world. This may be at different life stages for different people. You will be the best judge of this.

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What would be my time commitment in working through these phases?

Your process may take less than a year, or more than two years. It is completely dependent on how comfortable you are at each phase and how quickly we move forward.

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Are your travel costs included in your “client-rep” fee?

Yes. Six roundtrip travels are included. If we determine more trips are necessary, we can add visits at an additional cost. This can be as flexible as you would like. You may decide to come to my office for meetings if you would like to save the travel allowance for specific purposes.

“Jeff is the most reliable, detail-oriented person that I know. If Frank Lloyd Wright were still designing houses today, Jeff would make it a reality. He has a gift for understanding what it takes to build a home from the dream, to reality. Experienced, Knowledgable, Creative, Honest, and a great Husband and Father. If you want to build your own home now or sometime in the future, contact Jeff today.”

— Justin Rohner