Custom Dream Home & Remodeling Consultants
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What We Do

We help people keep the dream home construction or renovation process from becoming a nightmare. We eliminate the nightmare experience by helping our clients get a crystal-clear picture of their ideal location and Dream Home, before the construction process begins.

Many people make costly mistakes by learning as they go. We help our clients make the correct choices the first time around, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Concept to Creation is a consulting firm. We specialize in facilitating the custom home construction and renovation process as our client’s advocate and advisor.

We help our clients keep the “dream” in dream home construction.

Here are just a few of the ways our clients benefit:

  • Frustration and miscommunication is eliminated between spouses, family members, and the building team during the planning and construction phases.
  • Uncertainty and anxiety is alleviated while locating the ideal town and building site anywhere in the world.
  • Fear and stress is reduced as we educate our clients and help them understand the processes required to arrive at a successful relocation, construction, or remodel completion, and move-in.
  • Confusion and wasted time is eliminated through proper and realistic planning and coordination of a process that may take up to two years to complete.
  • Thousands of dollars are saved by making the correct decisions the first time, rather than learning by trial and error.
  • No guesswork and assumptions. Everything is mapped out before it occurs so our clients are crystal clear about what they want, what is occurring, and why!

Who We Serve

Retirees and those approaching retirement: We walk our clients through the identification and selection of the ideal building site or home anywhere in the world tailored to their individual desires. Whether planning to build a Dream Home, find an existing home, or remodel from the ground up, we make the experience fun, rewarding, and save thousands of dollars in the process.

Anyone who wants to build their Dream Home: We walk our clients through every step of the process from ideal building site selection, financial requirements, layout design, and materials options. We assist our clients in the selection of a professional contractor to build the home. We are our client’s personal advisor and advocate during the home’s construction phase.

Anyone looking to remodel, tear down/re-build, or add-on to an existing home: We advise our clients on ALL aspects of the process, assist in choosing competent contractors, and make sure they have not overlooked anything in the planning and development stage. We also act as our client’s advisor and advocate during the construction stages and assist with anything they are unsure of. 

Professional Custom Home Contractors and Developers: We work with contractors, developers, and custom home builders who spend time with clients on the conceptual design, site selection, education and counseling, or any other task which they do not see as productive or value added. We work with the client to prepare them in every way to work with the developer or contractor in a manner that allows the contractor to do what they do best: build homes. We prepare and present the client to the contractor with everything needed for the contractor to step in and build the home. Contractors get a client who is educated, ready to build, and excited about the construction stage as well as a third party client advocate to assist with client concerns, questions, site visits, and misunderstandings. This allows the contractor a smoother construction schedule, less delay and change orders, and a client who understands each and every phase of construction. Call me and we can discuss how this might look for your company.

If your personal situation is not listed, then call or email us to discuss how we can help you.

Dream, Location, Home

The 4-Phase Process

  1. Concept

    The Concept Phase lays the groundwork as we work together to bring life to your dream.
  2. Creation

    During The Creation Phase we take action.
  3. Team Building

    During this phase we establish a team of professionals to build your home.
  4. Homebuilding

    This is the most exciting stage of your journey as you see the physical expression of your dream.